Issues in Medicine™

A documentary series highlighting the biggest issues occurring within the medical industry, headlining medical experts and physicians

Tips to Practice By™
Office Edition

A documentary series showcasing the ailments most commonly encountered by physicians, featuring our own Dr. Bob

Tips to Practice By™
Clinical Skills Edition

A documentary series that provides insights into the teaching of clinical skills within medical schools, featuring our own Dr. Dan

Medical School Milestones™

A documentary series that previews the important activities and ceremonies that occur during their medical school education

Ride for World Health

A documentary series that tracks 22 bicyclists who are undertaking an annual 3.700 mile cross-country ride from San Diego, California to Washington, DC to raise money for Doctors Without Borders , an international medical humanitarian organization that supports 19 countries.

Ride For World Health Blog

Family Medicine:
With You Every Step of the Way

A documentary series produced by the American Academy of Family Physicians to portray the need for family physicians and to describe their role in healthcare.

Tips to Practice By™ Office Edition
Issues In Medicine™
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